open-stringed instruments

Most of the common stringed instruments of the westworld are stopped-stringed, meaning that one hand controls the pitch (with or without frets) and the other hand excites them.

The open-stringed group consists or what are called harps, zithers, dulcimers, etc.  They are far more common in non-euroamerican parts of the world.  They offer opportunities to play with one hand and without the clenched fist required to play instruments with necks.  In addition they aren’t predisposed to right handed people.  They can be strummed, plucked, or struck and so tend to offer a variety of approaches and usages.

Some of these can seen played and yacked about on youtube

and here

Some of the open-stringed instruments of anarchestra.

harp 02 chilmark

Harp  Chilmark 02

pharo 03 santa fe

Pharo  Santa Fe 03

gurney 05 santa fe

Gurney  Santa Fe 05

trizome 06 santa fe built with Gaspard Cabanes

Trizome  Santa Fe 06

This was builtd in collaboration with Gaspard Cabanes.

king lyre 06 santa fe music box

King Lyre  Santa Fe 06

hendecq 10 tucson

Hendecq  Tucson 10

dron 11 14 tucson

Dron  Tucson 11

fumious 11 tucson

Fumious  Tucson 11

These strings are bandsaw blades

cuth 12 tucson

Cuth  Tucson 12

Wound piano strings with a satellite dish resonator.

Ena 12 tucson

Ena  Tucson 12

This has banks of three strings tuned to approximately the same pitch which gives each a ‘detuned’ sound (similar to that heard in gamelan music or from chorus pedals).

farp 14 tucson

Farp  Tucson 14

Four harps that can be tuned to whatever function requires and played by up to four players at once.  When a single player is playing a single harp the remaining three act as sympathetic strings.

gurnagin 14 tucson

Gurnagin  Tucson 14

regur 2014 tucson

Regur  Tucson 14

stigo 15 tucson

Stigo  Tucson 15

dyadolce 15 tucson

Dyadolce  Tucson 15

Paired strings (that play dyads) with adjustable bridges.

The building of it can be seen on youtube.


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