These are instruments that generate a variety sounds mostly without any specific pitch or the capacity to change pitches.


bishbosh 00-01 chilmark

Bishbosh 00-01 Chilmark

pipes guiroshaklave cranky 02 chilmark

Pipes, Roshakla. Cranky  02 Chilmark

botree 05 santa fe

Botree  05 Santa Fe

smile 05 santa fe

Smile  05 Santa Fe

flattery 05 santa fe copy

Flattery  05 Santa Fe

anticipatory juices 06 santa fe music box

Anticipatory Juices  05 Santa Fe

hand percussion 02-09 chilmark-santa fe-tucson

Hand Percussion  02-09 Chimark, Santa Fe, Tucson

cranky,chewb,tam.clak 12 tucson

Cranky, Chewb, Tam, Clak   12 Tucson

plato 12 14 tucson

Plato  12-14 Tucson

peezoshe 16 tucson

Peezoshe  16 Tucson


Rodswell  16 Tucson

The rods (1/8″ and 3/16″) change pitch as they move through the rollers.


Sawzer  17 Tucson

Saw blades rotatable over pickups.


Slith  17 Tucson

B-bs inside steel.


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