Springed Instruments


All sound is vibration.  Of common objects, tensioned springs are among those most easily stimulated to vibrate (the definition of a spring, according to wikipedia, is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy).  As with steel generally, springs tend to incorporate the the sound qualities of the object the are excited by into their own.

Musically speaking, they are very long strings whose length and sensitivity allow them to resonate sympathetically (the reason they are often used in reverb units) or generate their own sounds.  They generate a fundamental pitch (below the threshold of hearing when they are long) and, owing to their excitability, numerous overtones.

 playlist of springed instrumyoutubeents

Some springed instruments of Anarchestra:

sprawl 05-06 santa fe

Sprawl  05-6 Santa Fe

sacre bleu 05 santa fe

Sacre Bleu  05 Santa Fe

'sprong 06 santa fe

‘Sprong  06 Santa Fe


Soren  10 Tucson

springbok 10 tucson

Springbok  10 Tucson

sprix 13 Tucson

Sprix  13 Tucson

sprymbal 14 Tucson

Sprymbal  14 Tucson

maren-petrea 17 tucson

Maren-Petrea  17  Tucson

Sisters of Soren.

A few other instruments have springs incorporated into them to add resonance/sustain.  Many have springs as a mechanical component.

In addition they are sometimes useful as bows

spring bows 04-6 santa fe

Spring Bows  02-06 Chilmark, Santa Fe



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