Fretted strings

Some of the fretted instruments of Anarchestra.  Most of the frets are (re)movable.

stopped strings playlist on youtube

peddlar 01 chilmark

Pedlar  Chilmark 01

Six strings stroked or hit with four footpedals to alter pitch.

bosco 01-03 chilmark

Bosco  Chilmark 01-03

A three stringed fretted neck and a two stringed unfretted neck sharing a resonator.

dubass 01 chilmark

Dubass  Chilmark 01

Pitch controlled by pedal operated frets.

basuka 02 chilmark

Basuka  Chilmark 02

A three stringed bass.

quesera 05 santa fe

Quesera  Santa Fe 05

who evolved into

spike 05-09 santa fe-tucson

Spike  Tucson 09

twobe 08 tucson

Twobe  Tucson 08

Two stringed bass.

horzba 08-10 tucson

Horzba  Tucson 08

Six string bass shown with two frets.

horzba (2) 14 tucson

Horzba (2) Tucson 14

With changed frets.

prout 08 tucson

Prout  Tucson 08

Three pairs of strings sounded by levered fret mechanism.

seegar 08 tucson

Seegar  Tucson 08

Two drone strings and a fretted playing string.

digger 09 tucson

Digger  Tucson 09

Two drone strings, two fretted playing strings.

venus 10 tucson

Venus  Tucson 10

Two stringed (usually) bowed instrument.

bows 09-10 tucson

Bows  Tucson 09-10

augie & dim 10 tucson

Augie and Dim  Tucson 10

Angie with three strings, Dim with four.

dovertue 13 Tucson

Dovertue  Tucson 13


Bang-O  Tucson 14

lilD 14 tucson

Lil D  Tucson 14

unstyungo 16 tucson

Unstyungo  Tucson 16

One drone string, one variable by roller string.

gorstra 16 tucson

Gorstra  Tucson 16

Three long strings, fretted or hammered-on by six movable spring-action frets.


Lorend  18 Tucson

Three low guitar strings and adjustable frets.



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