Wind Instruments: Reeds

Reeds may be either single (clarinet, saxophone, etc.) or double (oboe, bassoon. etc.).

reed instruments

I have made lots (scores) of these to obtain different timbres and pitchsets.  I consciously chose to make multiple instruments instead of single instruments with multiple functions so that playing them could be more intuitive than reliant on technique and encourage a more “folkmusical” approach generally.

Most of them use Clarinet mouthpieces and few use a Baritone Saxophone mouthpiece or a Soprano Saxophone mouthpiece.

Saxophone was my primary instrument during my late teens and early twenties and I consider reeds the most personal sounding family of instruments –in terms of the waveforms/harmonics they generate they are the closest to those of the human voice and the same instrument will sound fundamentally different when played by a different person.  Breath-dependent instruments very naturally tend to bring a more conversational/less mechanical quality to instrumental music, allowing it to be vocal without prompting a listener to expect (and analyze) verbal content.

Some of the reed instruments of anarchestra:

reeds pentatonic & modal 02-08 chilmark-santa fe- tucson

Single Reeds  Chilmark-Santa Fe  02-08

copper whistle & double reeds 05-10 santa fe-tucson

Double Reeds  Santa Fe-Tucson 05-10

reeds 01-06 chilmark-santa fe b

reeds 01-06 chilmark-santa fe a

Reeds  Chilmark-Santa Fe  01-06

reeds diatonic 08-10 tucson b

Reeds  Tucson 08-10

reeds random 04-08 santa fe-tucson

Reeds (copper and steel)  Santa Fe-Tucson 04-08

low reeds chilmark-santa fe-tucson 02-16

Low Reeds  Chilmark-Santa Fe-Tucson  01-16

contrabass coil

Contrabass Coil  Tucson 16

DJ Flatus

DJ Flatus  Tucson 12

DJ Flatus

Not exactly a traditional reed instrument, but . . .






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