Unfretted Strings

Some of the non-fretted stringed instruments of Anarchestra.

stopped strings playlist on youtube

la bas 00 chilmark

La Bas  Chilmark 00

mickey one 03 chilmark mckeytoo 04 santa fe

Mickey One  Chilmark 03 and  McKeytoo  Santa Fe 04

Single stringed (usually) bowed instruments played with slides.

banderslide 05 santa fe phorques 03 chilmark

Banderslide  Santa Fe 05 (fr) and Phorques  Chilmark 03

The strings on these are bandsaw blades.

basicable 04 santa fe

Basicable  Santa Fe 04

The strings are braided wire rope.

monte 05 santa fe built by Myles Thurlow

Monte  Santa Fe 05

Built by Myles Thurlow

oo-ee-ood 06-09 santa fe-tucson

Oo-ee-ood  Santa Fe 06

too sly for one 04-06 santa fe

Two Sly for One  Santa Fe 04-06

Three instruments sharing one stand.

rollers & slide 04 santa fe

Rollers and slides  Santa Fe 04

retardog 09-11 tucson

Retardog  Tucson 09-11

P-Wreck 11 tucson

P-Wreck  Tucson 11

Eleven strings played with two slides.

B-Dex 12 tucson

B-Dex  Tucson 12

Three strings played with bow and slide.  Four sympathetic strings.

ernestone 12 tucson

Ernestone  Tucson 12

Even though this has frets (since removed), it is played with a slide.

bastid 14 tucson

Bastid  Tucson 14



Haramzadi  Tucson 17


Nanbarrow  17 Tucson

17 tunable strings playable clockwise and counterclockwise.  They are amplified by two pickups which can be selected or not.







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