a society of voices

A piece of music is a society of voices (sounds made by instruments) generally involved in working together toward the goal of delivering the immediate moment from the boredom of silence and/or ambience.


One might picture a piece of music as a room or a field or a subway car with a group of people in it each affecting the general ambience in their own way.


One might think of a piece of music as a pot on a stove in which assorted ingredients, ranging from stocks to garnishes, contribute to an aggregate unity perceptible as soup.

A society of voices expresses (metaphorically) a sociopolitical worldview.

I find it instructive to listen to music with this in mind, to imagine / project the relationships between the individual voices within the generated soundscape to one another and the whole.

Some pieces of music express obvious hierarchies with clearly defined leaders and followers.  Others express the interactions of groups of equals, sometimes in contest, sometimes in cooperation.

Every piece of music is system unto itself: metaphorically, a unique social interaction among whatever voices have gathered at a particular time under particular circumstances.